Quick Answer: What To Prepare With Chicken Fried Rice From Trader Joes If On Weight Watchers?

What can I add to Trader Joe’s chicken fried rice?

If you want to spice things up a bit, you can use Sriracha or hot sesame oil. I even grind a little black pepper on top to give it more flavor. You could toss some hot pepper flake or turn it into curry rice by dumping some Trader Joe’s curry sauce in there. My best trick is a squirt of Ketchup.

Is Trader Joe’s fried rice healthy?

If you’re an egg-less vegetarian, this rice is safe to eat. One bag of this rice contains what Trader Joe’s thinks is three servings. One serving has 210 calories (only 15 of those are from fat), so that means a whole bag has 630 calories (and 45 from fat).

What goes good with chicken fried rice?

What to Serve with Fried Rice

  1. Fried Egg. Okay, let’s start this list with the simplest one: top your fried rice with a fried egg.
  2. Egg Drop Soup. Egg drop soup is a staple in Chinese cuisine.
  3. Chicken Teriyaki.
  4. Hot and Sour Soup.
  5. Chinese Dumplings.
  6. Gyoza.
  7. Egg Rolls.
  8. Sesame Roasted Brussels Sprouts.
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What are the best things to buy at Trader Joe’s if you are on Weight Watchers?

The 11 most popular Trader Joe’s foods among WW members

  • Trader Joe’s Lite Shredded 3-Cheese Blend with Mozzarella.
  • Trader Joe’s Chicken Cilantro Mini Wontons.
  • Trader Joe’s Fancy Shredded Lite Mexican Blend.
  • Trader Joe’s Riced Cauliflower Stir-Fry.
  • Trader Joe’s Sprouted 7-Grain Bread.

Is Trader Joe’s chicken fried rice good?

This chicken was a seriously good choice for this rice. It’s amazing! One bag of this rice makes about three and a half servings. One serving contains a mere 230 calories (30 from fat), but the sodium is a bit high at 710 mg.

Is Trader Joe’s chicken fried rice precooked?

Absolutely yes, Trader Joe’s chicken fried rice is precooked and frozen for a quick meal to reheat. The heating of Trader Joe’s chicken fried rice should take at most 5 minutes which can be either done by stove top or microwave.

What should I not buy at Trader Joe’s?

Save your cash on these six products that are not worth buying at Trader Joe’s.

  • Meat and seafood. “It’s so much more expensive, and honestly, I think the packages don’t have a ton in them,” Greutman says — especially the chicken.
  • Rice.
  • Frozen sides.
  • Vitamins.
  • Certain cereals and snacks.
  • Organic milk.

Does Trader Joe’s frozen fried rice expire?

Technically, there is no “too long” when it comes to frozen foods. They can last indefinitely in a good freezer and still be good to eat, but they might not taste great. Freezer burn will start to affect your food after about three to six months.

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How bad is chicken fried rice for you?

Fried rice is undeniably bad for you, setting you back 450 calories and 14 grams of fat. Brown rise is better, with only 215 calories and a generous 3.5 grams of fiber per cup. But even though it’s trendy to avoid white rice because it’s a high-glycemic carb, it’s not so bad.

What can you serve with egg fried rice?


  • Chinese Garlic Cucumber Salad.
  • Sambal Potatoes.
  • Honey Chili Garlic Shrimp.
  • 10-Minute Chilled Tofu & Garlic Appetizer.

Does fried rice make you gain weight?

Some studies show that a dietary pattern high in refined grains like white rice can lead to weight gain and obesity, while a few other studies have found no connection between the consumption of white rice and obesity. In fact, white rice was linked with weight loss.

Does Trader Joe’s carry Weight Watchers food?

WW users are given color-coordinated plans and a daily amount of SmartPoints to meet their goals. Trader Joe’s has several low-point foods, like frittatas and rice, that are staples in my kitchen.

Does Weight Watchers make frozen dinners?

Stouffer’s Party Size Lasagna with Meat & Sauce Frozen Meal 90 oz. Stouffer’s Party Size Lasagna with Meat & Sauce Frozen Meal 90 oz. Healthy Choice Caf Steamers Sweet & Sour Chicken Frozen Meal, 10 oz.

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