How Much Is Benihana’s Chicken Fried Rice?

Does Benihana charge extra for fried rice?

They asked us when we ordered “do you want steamed rice or fried rice.” The menu did not indicate-nor did they ever tell us that fried rice would be 3.50 extra!!! Read some other reviews and you will find where others were charged for this “fried” rice. We are done with this or any other Benihana. Lesson learned!

Does Benihana have fried rice?

At Benihana, our Hibachi Chicken Rice continues to be one of the most craved items on the menu. This original fried rice classic combines chicken, rice, egg and chopped vegetables with garlic flavored butter, but most importantly, it shows plenty of heart.

How much is Benihana’s worth?

Aoki grew up around money – his late father Rocky started the popular Japanese steakhouse chain Benihana and accumulated a net worth of $30 million to $40 million in 2000, according to The New York Times.

Does Benihana cook in front of you?

The chefs grill the food that is ordered in front of the guests, wowing them with their culinary talents and excellent knife skills. Both teppanyaki and hibachi grilling offer the chance for diners to enjoy delectable Japanese cuisine.

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Is Benihana food healthy?

Benihana’s nigiri and sashimi are excellent choices when it comes to keeping healthy eating goals. Benihana’s fresh nigiri provides a healthy meal of fish and steamed rice in one delicious bite, and with only 40 to 160 calories per piece, there is plenty of room for a bowl of miso soup on the side.

Is Benihana a fancy restaurant?

If you’ve ever been to a Benihana or even seen one of their commercials, then you know what it’s all about. While the food is decent enough, the restaurant is not about fine dining so much as tableside theatrics, fancy knife work, and occasional grill pyrotechnics.

What is yum yum sauce called at Benihana?

Sometimes it’s called Japanese shrimp sauce, Benihana Yum yum sauce, or hibachi shrimp sauce. It is a delicious and beneficial sauce for our health. You always enjoy this Sauce whenever you go to the restaurant.

What kind of food does Benihana serve?



What type of rice is used for fried rice?

Chinese fried rice is made with white long grain rice. But it can be made with any type of cooked, chilled rice – long grain, short grain, jasmine, basmati, even brown rice. Every Asian country has their version of fried rice, and use different rices. For example, Jasmine rice is used to make Thai Fried Rice.

What oil does Benihana use?

As for the teppanyaki Western-style, the ingredients commonly used are assorted vegetables, shrimp, lobster, beef and scallops, and soybean oil is used for cooking. Some also cook other staples that are preferred and available. Benihana which started in 1964 has pioneered teppanyaki in the United States.

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What is it called when they cook in front of you?

Teppanyaki (pronounced te-pan-ya-ki) is a style of Japanese dining where a chef cooks your food in front of you on an iron griddle known in Japan as a “teppan.” The term “teppanyaki” comes from “teppan” and “yaki,” which is the Japanese word for grilled or broiled.

Did the owner of Benihana go to jail?

Restaurateur admits insider trading; Benihana chain’s founder faces 12-18 months in jail. NEW YORK — Rocky Aoki, founder of the Benihana Japanese restaurant chain, pleaded guilty yesterday to profiting from a tip that Spectrum Information Technologies Inc.

How rich is Steve Aoki?

Introduction. As of 2021, Steve Aoki’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $95 million, and he’s become one of the richest DJ’s worldwide. Steven “Steve” Hiroyuki Aoki is an American electro house musician, record producer, DJ, and music executive from Miami. Aoki is the highest-grossing dance artist in North America.

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